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It’s easy to get started with our White Label PPC management service. We guide you through the process of a PPC account transition and handle the set-up for you.

Your HandsFree PPC Account Manager will video-call with you to discuss your client’s marketing goals. We work with you to create a PPC advertising strategy that aligns with your business objectives and budget, including COMPLETE lead generation funnels.

All client communications continue to be handled by your agency, and we will support you as a knowledge base, delivering insights and reporting that you can confidently share with your client.

Your Account Manager implements the PPC Advertising Strategy, creating ad campaigns, writing the ad copy, setting-up the bidding strategies and much more! We will even create a landing page for your client to ensure all parts of your PPC advertising are poised for success.

Once your Account Manager has the campaigns  and landing pages up and running, a program of diligent optimization begins.

Your PPC advertising campaigns are monitored constantly and receive hands-on human management daily during the first 2 weeks (or even longer, at no extra cost, if needed). Once the campaigns are running smoothly, we switch to a system of automated daily monitoring and weekly hands-on human optimization and development, with monthly reporting and regular video meetings to keep you updated.

For a PPC account with a monthly budget of ¬£1,000 we spend an average of 43 hours on your client’s account during the first 3 months – including set-up and optimizations. So, you can see your low monthly investment goes a very long way! Our focus is on the QUALITY of pay-per-click advertising performance, not on the quantity of accounts we manage. We never cut corners and aim to over-deliver.

To keep you up-to-date, your Account Manager provides you with regular PPC performance reports, including insightful analysis and recommendations for steps to build on successes and drive performance forward.

Our friendly and high-skilled Account Managers have generated excellent results for businesses in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

We would love to discuss your White Label PPC advertising goals and see if we can assist you, too. Please drop us a short message using the form on this page and we will respond promptly.




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