Our PPC Ethics and Philosophy

Learn about HandsFree PPC’s ethical marketing and environmentally conscious approach.

HandsFree PPC operates in a highly ethical way while delivering powerful performance for our agency clients.

We know significant influence can be created created by our successful PPC advertising campaigns, so we made the following philosophical decisions:

1/ We primarily specialise in lead generation campaigns for service industries.
2/ We avoid propagating products that have a high carbon impact.
3/ We choose not to provide PPC management to organisations that may directly harm animals or the environment.
4/ We actively support organisations and charities that are focused on environmental protection, climate change, wildlife protection, animal welfare and socially-responsible goals.

We provide highly-experienced PPC strategy development and management of your pay per click advertising campaigns and love helping digital marketing agencies to succeed. If you are not sure where your client’s business might fit-in with our philosophy, please get in touch today to discuss.




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