Secret Seasonal PPC Strategies!

(and an early Christmas Gift!)

Secrets of Seasonal PPC Strategies by HandsFree PPC

Have you been advised that most Google Ads campaigns will be ‘quiet’ or ‘won’t perform’ over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season?

If you believe this common myth, depending on your industry, you may be missing-out on some of the most interesting and affordable pay-per-click performance of the year!

The secret is PPC advertising Seasonal STRATEGY.

HandsFree PPC will be OPEN during the Christmas through New Year holidays. In fact, during this time our team is managing some of our Google Ads and paid digital advertising accounts even more actively because, for some industries, this time of year is when a new market becomes available.

More people are at home, talking with their families – and for some demographics, products and services – this translates into very specific search/keyword patterns and high quality PPC performance, often with lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

This is combined with a typically less-competitive setting as many companies without access to an experienced PPC Strategist Partner play it safe and pare-down their PPC advertising presence in Google Ads, Facebook and Bing during this time.

To generate good results, a well-crafted Christmas PPC strategy is often needed. It is not advisable to simply run ads as normal and hope for the best. In fact, doing so will likely lead to alarmingly increased cost per lead (CPL) or CPA.

This is why many PPC agencies and large white label PPC providers often scale down all their clients’ pay-per-click activities during Christmas and New Years – even though campaigns could potentially be highly successful for selected clients – it may not fit their business model to apply the extra time in creating and implementing bespoke seasonal strategies for each of their accounts. But, there is no need to miss-out! HandsFree PPC can help.

HandsFree PPC Strategists work differently to take advantage of the opportunity. We plan ahead for this time of year and actively work with clients and agencies to put in-place bespoke, custom-designed Seasonal PPC Strategies. Our team actively manages our clients’ and agencies’ PPC campaigns during the seasonal holidays to implement the PPC strategies and deliver on the results.

Even though there are only a few days to go, it is not too late to take a look at your pay-per-click advertising Seasonal Strategy. The creativity and thinking behind the strategies are unique to each business and industry so are not possible to list here, but technical parts of your strategy may include:

  • New seasonal PPC campaigns to run on a specific schedule
  • New seasonal ad copy – the right offering and messaging for the right demographic is key
  • Tailored landing pages – skillful copywriting and design to capture conversions/sales
  • Bid strategy adjustments
  • Keyword planning and bid adjustments
  • Device bid modifier adjustments
  • Schedule planning and adjustment
  • Channel budget allocation planning and adjustment

As an early Christmas present, HandsFree PPC are offering a FREE seasonal PPC campaign strategy assessment by one of our UK Senior PPC Strategists for 6 lucky companies or agencies.

We will chat with you and analyse your current Google Ads campaigns, then provide a written assessment of the Seasonal Strategy opportunities that may be suitable for your campaigns.

Of course, if you would like us to implement a quick seasonal PPC strategy update we are happy to do this, too.

To make sure there is time to review your account, the deadline to apply for a FREE PPC Seasonal Strategy assessment is 5PM on December 20th, 2019. To take advantage of this offer, please send us a request using the form on this page.

The HandsFree PPC Team is wishing you and your kin a very Merry Holiday Season.

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