Landing Pages for Lead Design

The success of pay-per-click advertising for lead generation requires the use of landing pages designed specifically to capture conversions.

When a company starts-out with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the temptation can be to link paid search campaigns to the company website, but this can often lead to disappointing results.

The reason is because a company website is often designed to function like an online brochure with lots of information about different services offered by the company, but this is not the right format for lead generation.

Landing pages for Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) advertising


HandsFree PPC specialize in designing and copywriting landing pages that successfully capture conversions and generate leads. We have over 10 years experience in the psychology of how to guide PPC visitors to take an action and become a lead.

Building a landing page at the same time as your PPC ads is ideal in order to make sure the messaging is aligned at both ends of the conversion funnel.

Once the landing page is up and running, it is also necessary to conduct a/b testing of the landing page and ads to refine and improve the campaign performance. This means analysis of the data received to-date and making decisions regarding ad and landing page content to test headlines, offers, landing page design and formats in order to progress the campaign performance successfully. We take care of this for you, too!

HandsFree PPC include landing page design, copywriting and a/b testing as part of our standard lead generation package. Get in touch today to learn more and discuss how PPC lead generation can work for your business or client.

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